Protecting your personal information

Personal information provided to CFA is protected in a number of ways.

CFA's responsibility

Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic)

This Act establishes 10 Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) to regulate the collection, holding, management, use, disclosure and transfer of personal information by the Victorian public sector, including CFA. Contravention of an IPP may result in a penalty of up to $60,000 for an individual and $300,000 for an organisation.

CFA has developed an internal policy about information privacy - pdf 79k.

Privacy Statement, Copyright Statement & Disclaimer Notice

CFA Safeguards

Over many years CFA has developed business rules and safeguards which govern how personal information is collected, stored and used, both in paper and electronic formats. These rules also apply to any services CFA provides online.

Technical security

CFA has adopted SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an industry standard technology that encrypts information between the web site and the user.

Your responsibility

As a Member

Protect your password. If there is any personal contact information to which you would like to restrict access, tick the 'silent' box. This will ensure that this information is only made available to users with high levels of authentication.

As an additional security measure, it is recommended that you regularly change your password and also avoid using 'obvious' passwords.

As an Administrator or member with nominated access to brigade records

Ensure that you only access personal information for a specific purpose. Do not give access to others unless there is a valid reason for them to have it.

For example, you may be requested to provide personal contact details for:

Doing so is not appropriate as providing lists of names and addresses under these circumstances would constitute a contravention.

It is however, permissible for the brigade to distribute materials on behalf of these bodies to members, providing the brigade resolves to do so. If you require further advice and guidance, contact your Regional Office.

CFA Policy:

All CFA employees, volunteers, contractors, and persons authorised to use CFA electronic media are advised to read the Asset Management Policy - 107k to gain a full understanding of user requirements and responsibilities.

Electronic Media includes the use of computers, personal digital assistants (PDA’s), e-mail, telephones, mobile phones, voicemail, fax machines, radios and wireless devices, wire services, online services and the Internet.